Photo Booth


Entertainment is all about creating memories and having fun. Nothing does that better than having a Photo Booth at your next event! We noticed at all the different parties and events that everybody flocked to the photo booth. After seeing this over and over again, we decided to buy one for ourselves! OhSnap! Photo Booth has been the biggest hit everywhere we have taken it! From birthday parties, to wedding receptions, to corporate functions, to family reunions. OhSnap! Photo Booth is the most fun you can have! The best part about this booth is that not only does everybody leave with pictures in hand, but our clients are handed a flash drive at the end of the event with a digital copy of every single picture that was taken!

Not all photo booths are the same. We are very proud of our photo booth because we specifically bought the best pieces of equipment that you can buy. We bought a professional DSLR camera to take the pictures. An industrial strength touch screen that is almost impossible to break. Top of the line laptop running the best software on the market. Most importantly, we bought the best sub dye printer on the market. To top it all off, we have back up equipment just in case something goes wrong! Our goal was to build a bullet proof photo booth that was guaranteed to work every time! See below for all the details and pricing.